This Is The Tea That Suits You Best According To Your Blood Type

Surely you’ve heard of the recommended foods you should eat according to your blood type. When it comes to warm beverages, coffee is suitable only for types A and B, and on the other hand teas are good for all blood types, but which tea is best for which group? Discover below what tea exactly suits your blood type.

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Blood group O

Blood type ‘0’ carries on the legacy of primeval hunters or everything that makes a person healthy. People of blood group 0 are durable and strong and driven by high-calorie foods. The basis of their diet is meat.

These people are strong, secure and powerful; they have an urge to succeed and are usually bursting with health and optimism. They need strong physical activity, and when they don’t get it they become depressed and overweight.

Coffee as a beverage is not recommended, as well as sweetened, carbonated drinks and alcohol. They should enjoy tea, those based on ginger, ginseng, green tea, Sencha and maté, which is known as a substitute for coffee.

Teas for blood group O:

-Mixture of Sencha, ginseng and ginger

-Mate tea – the ideal replacement for coffe

-Clean Japanese Green Sencha tea

Blood type A

Unlike blood group 0, this group should avoid meat and eat fish instead. It is not surprising that members of the type A are often in the need for vegetarian food.

Although seemingly calm, people who carry the blood group A are very emotional, analytical and people who are particularly prone to stress.

The teas appropriate for people with blood group ‘A’ are: green, yarrow, basil, jasmine and marigold, and from the fruity aromas the best suit are lemon and cranberry, while orange should be avoided.

Teas for people with blood group A:

Green tea

Mixture of yarrow, calendula and thyme

Organic 100% pure jasmine flower

Cranberry tea


Blood group AB

This blood type is much younger than the others, and due to a variety of antigens that it owns it has some characteristics of blood group A, and some blood group B. These people are extremely intuitive, very attractive and popular.

As mentioned previously, coffee is not recommended for them, and the best teas for them are green tea, mint, peony, yellow tea, sandalwood, katuaba, nettle, lemon balm and rice.

Teas for people with blood group AB:

-A mixture of green tea and mint

– Rice Water

– Natural Yellow Tea

Blood type B

Although extremely prone to autoimmune diseases, persons of blood group B who live in harmony, work, exercise and eat a balanced way, are the epitome of tough people. Balance and harmony are a real cure for the members of this blood group, and it is believed that the very persons of blood group B are easier to establish good relationships with different types of people, because they are by nature more harmonious.

They have an extremely resistant digestive system, but are weak against bacteria.

Teas which properties best suit people with blood type B are green tea, especially the young one, lemon, calendula, Rooibos and Honeybush.

Teas for blood group B:

-Young Green Tea(from the just sprouted leaves)

– Mixture of sage, melissa and rooibos