Need A Solution For Blocked Arteries, High Blood Pressure And Bad Cholesterol! Say No More

High levels of LDL cholesterol nowadays is considered as one of the most common health problem that affect people all around the world no matter the age.

LDL cholesterol can be the main cause for cardiovascular problems which next will lead to heart attacks, no matter how young or old you are.


What is Cholesterol?

Indeed, it is a type of fat that is found in the blood, but it is made by the liver or contained in certain foods. Namely, there are two types of cholesterol:

– Bad Cholesterol (LDL) – can increase the risk of heart diseases, stroke, and heart attacks;
– Good Cholesterol (HDL) – much protective with a lower risk of cardiovascular issues.

Furthermore, several factors can cause high cholesterol levels, including:

– Diet – excessive consumption of saturated fat and trans fat
– Obesity – decreases the levels of good cholesterol
– Lack of physical activity – reduces LDL in the blood
– Age – the most susceptible age group is any age over 20
– Genes – higher risk of LDL if this condition is present in the family history

Because many people have the same problem, we want to help you and tell you the best homemade remedy which can lower your bad cholesterol, cleanse arteries and regulate high blood pressure all in the same time. Very easy to make and also contains very powerful ingredients which is why even medical experts recommend it for the treatment of these conditions.


– 1 kg lemon
– 1 bag cooking soda
– 5 or 6 bunches of parsley.
– 12 cups of water.


Put a water to boil and then add the lemons and the baking soda. After several minutes chop the parsley and add it in the mixture. Let it simmer for 2 hours and then place it in a fridge.

Consume 4 tablespoons of this remedy every morning on an empty stomach.

Health benefits of lemons

Lemons contain high levels of potassium , powerful diuretic properties,and can even treat problems like arthritis thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Health benefits of parsley

Parsley will boost your immune system, strengthen your bones , reinforce the nervous system, help you flush out the excess of fluids and support your kidney function.

The anti-inflammatory properties of parsley relieve joint pain, as stiff muscles and boost digestion.