Make Elderberries Syrup And Treat Tumors, Myoma And Many Diseases

Three years ago my uterus myoma was discovered. The nodes were small and therefore I was prescribed hormone-based tablets. I decided to include folk remedies and started drinking black elderberries syrup according to the scheme: one teaspoon three times a day after meals, for one month. I made a pause of two weeks, then repeat the treatment.

As a result, the myoma began to decrease.

Syrup from elderberries is a great help in treating myoma. It is a biologically active agent that acts against inflammation and cleanses the blood. Also, it has a laxative effect, regulates the nervous system and strengthens immunity. It is simple to do it at home, and you can do it without heating and adding water, which allows saving all benefits from the berries.


Take fruits of black elderberries (fresh and frozen) pour over them several layers of sugar. Pre-measure all components in equal parts. Let it stand for three weeks, then drain. Store in the refrigerator for a maximum of three months.


Elderberries syrup is not recommended for people suffer, ing from diabetes, colitis, ulcer, and allergy. It is also not tolerated by diuretics and corticosteroids.