Do You Have a Mole On One of These Places On Your Body? THIS Is What It Means!

All people have mole at some place on their body.

There are of various size, some of them big some small, but their position on our body can have specific meaning.

Do You Have a Mole On One of These Places On Your Body THIS Is What It Means!

Some moles are related to the individual’s health, others to a family fortune or individual’s wealth.

Find the position of your moles, and see their meaning below:

Mole between the Eyebrows

Mole in this specific area is connected to your career development and advancement. This mole can mean that you will have salary rise, a promotion or something similar in this direction.

Mole between the Eye and the Eyebrow

Mole in this area is linked to your home. It means you are an adaptable and communicative person with potential to be leader.

Mole on the Temple

Mole on this area is connected to travel opportunities, so you will either have opportunity to travel for pleasure, of for job.

Mole on the Cheekbone

A mole in this position means that you will have powerful job position and an increasing material prosperity.

Mole on the Palm of your Hand

The mole on the inside of your palm means that you will never have shortage of money. You are a smart and ambitious person who can easily become a leader. Mole on the back of your palm means you are good with economy and you have strong financial ability.

Mole on the Upper Lip

Mole in this position indicates you are that type of person whose most worries are connected to food and clothing. You have excellent interpersonal skills, and you’re known as really outgoing person and a good friend.

Mole on the Feet

Mole on the soles of feet indicate you like different cuisines and that you travel often. Also, you have leader capabilities and you’re popular among colleagues at work.